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Introducing Codebites

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Update May 2020: Codebites have been integrated in the normal flow of the site, so this post is not accurate anymore.

YAML CodebiteThere is very little post activity on my Blog. Creating posts is no cakewalk, additionally I often don’t see the public interest for a lot of topics. That’s why I added a new feature to the Blog today, Codebites. Codebites are intended to be more “Memo like” posts than real Blog posts. As such, they will be “low detail” creations, the default Codebites site is thusly sorted by category. Little or even no explanatory text, just copy and pastes of solutions and - perhaps - the problem in itself. I hope to put out more of these bites than my current 12 blog posts per year.
As Codebites are a drastically different approach to normal blog posts, I don’t want to bother my current RSS feed subscribers with it (side note: I don’t know if anybody is even reading my RSS feed, I didn’t bother to add any tracking). The current “default feed” will stay the same, only containing full fledged Blog posts. I created two new feeds, one for Codebites only and one containing everything.

The first (rather trivial) Codebite is already online: Ansible: Add two lists, then filter with third list

In other news: I’m aware of the oversized Google Ads, I’ll look into solving that issue in the near future.


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