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Finding Pump Express compatible chargers

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Mediatek Pump Express

A friend of mine recently asked me to find Pump Express compatible chargers. I never heard that term, so I needed to research it. Apparently Pump Express is the fast charging solution of mid budget chip maker Mediatek. It’s the direct competitor to Quick Charge from Qualcomm or Oppos VOOC/OnePlus Dash Charge (they are using identical technology).
But in contrast to the formerly mentioned competing technologies where you can easily find chargers on Amazon (Quick Charge/VOOC), finding Pump Express compatible chargers wasn’t as easy.

But that’s only because Mediatek did their charging technology the right way. To quote from Mediateks Pump Express Marketing Site:

The technology is compatible with the international standard of ‘USB PD 3.0 programmable power supplies’, allowing standard USB PD 3.0 fast chargers to boost Pump Express 4.0-enabled smartphones.

So instead of relying on a proprietary technique, they are utilizing USB Power Delivery. Therefore any USB PD 3.0 compatible charger should be able to “pump” the battery of your smartphone. I did some searches on, and so all of the less tech savy people can choose a device of their liking without the need of delving deeper. ;-)

(Image source: Mediatek)


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